Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fantasy Football Trophy Card

Hi All, ok so I tried to upload this the other night but I must have pressed the wrong button because after I uploaded everything it never posted to my blog. So I will try again today. So how is everyone today? We are getting a couple of inches of snow. Not too much and it is very pretty to look at. I don't like the cold, but have to admit when it snows it sure makes everything pretty.

For todays post I made a card for the Champion of the first Dawson's Fantasy Football game. He invited a bunch of friends to play and though he didn't win he sure had fun. It is crazy to see how much these kids know about football. I made a trophy card for the winner using the Sports Mania cartridge and added some football cards inside to send him. Hopefully he will be surprised. Congrats Ben!!

Everyone have a great day!


  1. You know what I think he did. I talked to Jamie today and she said Ben was most excited to beat me. Ha ha.